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LiNC stands for Latinos in Insurance Networking for our Community. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our MISSION is to:

  • Serve as the ‘LiNC’ between talented yet underprivileged youth and the diverse business community to which we belong

  • Provide a positive networking environment allowing members to thrive and pay it forward


LiNC was inspired in 2013 by Ana Barbosa, an entrepreneurial Latina with a vision of helping at-risk students by offering mentorship and paid internship opportunities within the insurance industry. What began as a brainstorm between Ana and the other founding members, has evolved into a well-established non-profit organization.


Since 2014, LiNC has facilitated the placement of dozens of interns in nationally recognized insurance firms. Our signature events boast 200+ in attendance. In 2019, we held our first ever LiNC Talks; an awareness raising event providing a community forum for our interns and mentors to tell their own unique stories.

At LiNC our pursuit is to engage and inspire the community. It is our job to deal with issues of the day and foster a future for our students. We want all of our students to reach their socioeconomic and scholastic potential. We are grassroots organization who seeks to promote the well being of the community in Los Angeles and beyond.


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